Simplified workflow from receive orders, to report dispatch
Multi-location support & Lab order management with outside labs
TAT reports to finetune lab process
Custom Reporting
Lab Equipment Interfacing
The Best LIMS Software that helps you Solve Clinical Cases

Experience the power of our advanced Medical Diagnostic Software designed to enhance the patient experience, drive revenue
growth, streamline operations, optimize inventory costs, & achieve better financial control.

Make it Easy on Your Customers with Streamlined Online Registrations

Allow clinics, physicians, or patients to utilize DoraysLab’s dedicated user portal to register and process order requests effortlessly. Users can conveniently monitor the progress of their requests in real-time, ensuring an enhanced workflow management experience. Leverage the efficiency of automated communications, digital registration process, customizable forms, seamless online payments, and numerous additional features, revolutionizing how you streamline your front desk operations.

Patient Registration and Online forms
Communicate with Patients through Email, WhatsApp and SMS
Configure Multiple Rate Lists Based on Your Lab Needs

Effortless Sample Collection with an Intuitive Tap-and-Go-System

Nothing is more vital to a diagnostic center’s success than quality sample collection, traceability, and security. From accessioning through testing and QC to data management and archiving, DoraysLab has you covered. Our LIMS software provides robust sample collection and tracking functionality, giving you complete visibility of your collected sample’s every aspect. Barcoding allows you to identify samples based on quality criteria and make informed decisions. Scan the barcodes to receive samples at any location, simplifying evaluation and ensuring seamless sample handling throughout the workflow. Automate Storage, Reporting, and Audit Capabilities.

Barcoding and Custom Configuration Item Tracker
Attach PDFs, Images, and other Data with Each Sample Records
Automate Segregation and Quality Checks

Manage Every Aspect of Your Sample’s Lifecycle with Robust Sample Processing and Task Automation

DoraysLab smart LIMS software for Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre offers a range of powerful features for precise sample processing. You can track modifications made in sample data fields, assign samples to batches and plates, run protocols on individual samples, and set up email notifications. The platform allows for associating samples with specific versions of protocols, tests, or workflows, facilitating better traceability. Our robust solution effectively manages samples and optimizes TAT, reducing operational costs and improving test accuracy.

Batch Processing
Real-Time Sample Tracking
Completely Automated to Save Time

Experience the Speed and Accuracy of DoraysLab LIMS Reporting and Authorization

The biggest benefit of partnering with one of the Best LIMS Software Providers is enjoying highly-defined and accurate lab reporting. With digital report generation, various test templates, speech-to-text report entry, and uninterrupted bulk reporting, DoraysLab allows your lab to go fully paperless, reducing time and improving accuracy 10 X. Our advanced error-checking formulas ensure your reports are error-free.

Support for Well-Known Lab Tests, Fields, and Ranges
Enjoy Speed-to-Text Reporting and Input Report Values using Excel
Comprehensive Editor and Send via Email, WhatsApp, and SMS

Secure and Reliable approval

DoraysLab Information Management Software expertly unlocks a streamlined way to verify results by sending auto-verification alerts to lab doctors or signing physicians. To ensure the accuracy of lab reports for your patients, it is important to implement a standardized approval process and timely delivery of reports. DoraysLab enables signing doctors or physicians to verify and validate the reports using secure logins on the LIMS application. This streamlines the verification process, maintains data security, and facilitates effective collaboration between diagnostic centers, patients, and healthcare professionals.

Conditional Report Verification by Medical Professionals
Enable Multiple-Approvals for Doctors
Approve Reports in Real-Time

Send Lab Reports Instantly with Auto-Update and Dispatch and Alerts

Nothing is more rewarding than relieving the worries of anxious patients by sending lab reports before time. DoraysLab, the best LIMS software in India, efficiently delivers lab reports to patients and healthcare providers promptly upon availability. Our advanced LIMS application incorporates cutting-edge tracking features to maintain a record of dispatched reports and enhance the speed of report delivery. Authorized users can receive lab results instantly. To speed up the knowledge processing, our system enables sending sample reports and alerts to the patient, lab doctor, and treating doctor. This ensures seamless communication and timely access to critical information for all relevant parties involved.

Automated / Manual Delivery Reporting
Bulk Report Printing and Download
Delivery Report with Lab Logo and Information
Improve Productivity and Save Cost By Getting Complete Visibility of the Finance Process and Position

Finance is paramount to the success of a diagnostic center. A well-managed cash flow directly impacts the efficiency of lab workflow. At DoraysLab, we prioritize the financial process and position of your center. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating service delivery with a single-point-access application that oversees all financial areas. This comprehensive solution provides real-time insights into your financial data, daily transactions, individual sample collection charges, and other critical information. By having access to this valuable information, you can make informed decisions to optimize your financial operations and drive the success of your diagnostic center.


Finance is paramount to the success of a diagnostic center. A well-managed cash flow directly impacts the efficiency of lab workflow. At DoraysLab, we prioritize the financial process and position of your center. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating service delivery with a single-point-access application that oversees all financial areas.

Collect and Record Payments for Order Bookings

Collect payment online, record payment information for online and offline bookings, and maintain real-time payment updates through the advanced LIMS software. Automate dues collection and invoice generation to ensure seamless and precise transaction communication between labs and patients.

Customize Workflows Based on Payment Status
Record Payment Info for Both Online and Offline Payments
Configure Multiple Rate Lists Based on Your Lab Needs

Manage Prices & Discounts for Different Seasons, Occasions, and Locations

Lab and test charges play an important role in attracting patients and doctors to laboratories. Nevertheless, effectively managing pricing, offers, and discounts across multiple business points can be challenging. DoraysLab simplifies the processes by seamlessly controlling seasonal prices, offers, and discounts across various locations, departments, and outsourcing centers.

OTP-based Discount Approval
Apply Discounts on Pre-Defined Criteria
B2B Rate Listing

Access and Download MIS Reports with One Click

Now you can generate the performance of your business across multiple locations for the month, quarter, or year at a single click through DoraysLab LIMS Software. Generate, search, export, download, and share business reports in different formats, such as MIS, Excel, and PDF, for accounting and auditing purposes. Manage daily cash flow, collections, and end-of-day balance through MIS reports.

Generate Consolidated Business Reports
Manage Daily Collections
Export Daily Collections

Grow Your Business with Financial Analytics and Business Insights

By obtaining accurate and up-to-date financial insights into your transactions and other critical business areas, you can predict long-term business status and make informed decisions that align with your business objectives. With our state-of-the-art LIMS Software for Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre, gain professional control over the financial data and metrics

Generate Performance Reports to Predict Trends
Real-Time Dashboards with Minute Insights
Financial Analytics
Explore how a LIMS helps you

Manage your data and work efficiently.

  • Sample management

  • Workflow management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Instrumentation

  • Documentation

  • Reporting & Certificates

  • Quotation & Invoicing

  • Lab Execution System

  • Inventory Management

  • Tests

  • Electronic Lab Notebook

  • Stability Studies

Transform Your Laboratory with a Global Leader and Industry

By leveraging the DoraysLab dynamic LIMS software for laboratory, you can optimize your pathology lab and diagnostic center’s operations, productivity, and patient lab report management, enhance efficiency and patient experience, and accelerate your research progress, reducing TAT and improving accuracy.DoraysLab is a comprehensive hub, eliminating the need for multiple systems for diverse functions such as order management, sample collection, sample accession, inventory and overheads management, record keeping crucial lab information, data analysis, processing, and dispatch. Instead of dealing with multiple applications and risking losing critical information during data transfers, DoraysLab consolidates everything into a single, cloud-based, fully-automated platform. Book a free LIMS software demo on our site to check its complete features and functions.

Fuel your growth using DoraysLab
Uncompromised Data Security

Compliant to universal standards providing robust data security, limitless scalability and 99.99% uptime to get the best out of DoraysLab.

Best-in-Class 24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 support with experts through phone and email ensuring all your queries addressed quickly to get the best out of DoraysLab.

Quality Assurance, Auditting and Administration Solutions

DoraysLab’s Audit-Driven Administrative Tools Powered by Process Automation Allows Labs to Improve
Quality Standards, Mitigate Risks, Maximize Accuracy, Speed Up Delivery, Reduce Costs, and Ensure Total Accountability!

Track Every Action with Detailed Activity Logs (Audit Logs)

DoraysLab LIMS Software lets labs monitor every action or operation with a precise and intelligent Activity Logs and Tracking solution. This solution makes sure each action trail is perfectly recorded, providing complete auditability and transparency. Patient information, lab reports, orders booked, configuration, payments, and delivery details can be changed and tracked in real time.

Secure Data Integrity and Privacy with Custom Access Control

DoraysLab’s in-built user management module can expertly restrict access to the system or crucial information to authorized users, which can be customized at any time. We empower lab owners to create strong usernames and passwords and define permissions based on the user’s level of authority and responsibility. This reduces unauthorized access and strength overall system security.

Rule-Based Auto-Validation Process to Verify Data on the Go

The revolutionary solution allows businesses to automate report validation based on pre-defined rules and criteria, such as quality control factors, test results, and acceptable variances in test results. Our accurate rule-based LIMS can revamp your lab operations by streamlining and automating various process steps and data entry, resulting in faster TAT and efficient management.

Customizable LIMS Solutions for Complex B2B Management

DoraysLab offers end-to-end B2B solutions, including secure portals, billing automation, and real-time financial report generation for clinics, hospitals, corporates, collection centers, and insurance providers. We consciously improve the B2B experience through features like credit management for prepaid customers, recharge options, revenue tracking, bulk printing, and brand white labeling.

Super-Charged Multi-Location, Multi-Branch Lab Management

Control data and operations of all your labs spread across different locations through one centralized dashboard. Features like universal log-ins, centralized inventory management, switch between collection sites, single-interface lap operations management, automated batch transfers, real-time financial visibility, and unified reporting simplify workflows across multiple lab centers.

Standardize and Accelerate Your Lab Operations with White Labeling Solutions

As one of the highly-rated White label LIMS software providers in India, we can tailor-make DoraysLab to reflect your business values, operations, and branding so that you can enter the market faster than by developing in-house solutions or off-the-shelf software apps. We reduce development costs and protect IP rights so that you can focus your time and resources on core business.

Well-Resourced Doctor Management that Addresses Prevalent Challenges for Physicians

Discover the exceptional capabilities of our provider portal that empower doctors and physicians to efficiently oversee their prescribed lab orders and referrals. At DoraysLab, we offer seamless integration with reference labs and lab networks. We help doctors save significant time and resources when managing referral commissions, discounts, and lab results from diverse patients and labs.

Triple Your Lab Efficiency with DoraysLab Advanced and Highly Intellectual LIMS Software System

The Cloud-based DoraysLab has come up with the best LIMS Software that is not only thought-fully priced but also super-charged with
great features that simplify complicated and highly scrutinized laboratory operations for all pathology labs and diagnostic centers.

Proactive Data Security and Disaster Recovery

With DoraysLab, your lab data is securely stored in the cloud, protected by cutting-edge encryption and backup solutions. You don’t have to worry about data loss due to hardware failures, power outages, or natural disasters, as we keep your mind at peace and deliver uninterrupted business.

Reduced Overhead and Administrative Costs

You can significantly eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure investments, manual data entry, operational management, software updates and maintenance hassles. Our skilled team hosts and manages the software, allowing you to focus on your core business while enjoying a reliable and up-to-date LIMS solution.

Effortless Integration with Existing Systems

DoraysLab's LIMS software can flawlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient collaboration across your lab network.

Improved Productivity with Mobility and Remote Working Capabilities

Take advantage of DoraysLab's cloud-based technology to empower your lab with mobility and remote working capabilities. This increases productivity and efficiency, enabling your team to work from anywhere.


We design our products in such a way that makes software purchase decisions forour customers more value based than traditional software companies.

DoraysLab LIMS Software is a comprehensive laboratory information management system designed to streamline lab operations, improve data management, and enhance reporting accuracy.

Key features include simplified workflow management, multi-location support, custom reporting, lab equipment interfacing, patient registration, sample collection, processing, reporting, and financial management.

Lab reports are generated digitally, with options for various test templates, speech-to-text entry, and automated/manual dispatch. Reports can be sent via email, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Financial management features include payment collection, pricing and discount management, MIS reports, and financial analytics.

Yes, DoraysLab LIMS Software ensures robust data security, compliance with universal standards, and provides detailed activity logs and customizable access controls for data integrity and privacy.