Driven by Cloud Technology and Innovation, We Deliver Superior Experience to Labs and Diagnostic Businesses

DoraysLab is an inventive software application providing a seamless, cloud-based solution to radiology and pathology labs and diagnostic centers in and around India. The software application is developed keeping in mind the requirements of hospital labs, clinics, and individual labs.

DoraysLabs empowers people from the healthcare diagnostic to achieve operational efficiency through streamlined and structured access to lab test data.

Our product is feature-rich, easy to use, and scalable and tries to provide an all-in-one advantage of lab management, billing, and reporting from a single point. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, printing report costs, and improving patient-lab communication, information tracking, and revenue.

  • Sandeep Choudhary
  • Founder
  • Dorays Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

Our Vision

To make the diagnostic information centralized and cloud-based for easily-accessible data across all devices, anytime, anywhere. To help labs review their finances, operations, and business development by delivering real-time insights, analytics, and graphical representations.

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