pathology labs in Pune

Top 10 pathology labs in Pune

Pathology Labs in Pune: The healthcare industry has reached its peak recently with the increased demand for pathology labs. Pathology experts or pathologists carry out tests and report a disease or infection from which a patient is suffering. Their decision is backed by inspecting samples of the patient’s blood, urine, or other body materials.

If you want to get some tests done, check out these top pathology labs in Pune.

Top pathology labs in Pune

  1. Healthcare nt sickcare Laboratory in Pune
  2. Lokseva Pathology Laboratory labs in Pune
  3. Dr Lal PathLabs pathology labs in Pune
  4. Kalale Pathology labs in Pune
  5. Shodh Pathology Laboratory in Pune
  6. Millennium Special Pathology labs in Pune
  7. Aastha Pathology labs in Pune
  8. Yash Pathology Laboratory in Pune
  9. APEX Pathology Laboratory in Pune
  10.  Healthians pathology labs in Pune

healthcare nt sickcare Laboratory in Pune

healthcare nt sickcare established in 2007, is a leading provider of quality and affordable medical laboratory testing services in Pune, India. We are the best-rated ISO 9001:2015 certified online medical laboratory for pathology, biochemistry, serology, and molecular services in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. Our eCommerce platform allows patients to book lab tests online, and we use the same technologies for testing processes and online reporting. We also provide a home service facility for specimen collection.

Lokseva Pathology Laboratory

The laboratory is known for its quality of test results and services to patients, hospitals and large corporations. Regular internal and external control checks are performed to ensure the performance and accuracy of all equipment. It also offers a 24-hrs emergency facility and home visit sample collection service.

Dr Lal PathLabs

They are one of the top companies in the pathology Labs sector. They believe in providing better care and services to their patients with low turnaround times, which has helped this institution acquire a vast client base that continues to expand daily.

Kalale Pathology Lab

Providing world-class services like pathology, blood testing, and several types of diagnostic services is what Kalale pathology lab can do best for their clients. Even in a highly competitive market, it has become possible for them to keep competitive edges because they have always sustained low prices and amazing customer service.

Shodh Pathology Laboratory

Shodh Pathology Laboratory is a reliable name in the industry as they strive to deliver the best experience to their clients. Email Report Service, Waiting Area, Home Sample Collection, Blood Cancer Check Up, Blood Group Test, and Blood Test are among the services they offer.

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Millennium Special Pathology

Millennium Special Pathology Laboratory, Pune, has always been regarded as one of the highest-ranked labs in the list of diagnostic centres. This lab strives to achieve excellence by improving and streamlining processes and health practices.

Aastha Pathology

Aastha Pathology labs believe in providing health excellence at all stages. The platform engages patients with the utmost attention to offering high health quality. It is a pioneering health hub with experience for many years, convenient access to unique health exam packages, expert health panels, etc.

Yash Pathology Laboratory

Yash Pathology Laboratory offers test packages that are available for a very reasonable cost, so nobody needs to worry about carrying a large number of expenses to fetch the advantages of the test packages. They also have multiple payment modes available for individuals to get their tests conducted easily in the city.

APEX Pathology Laboratory

APEX Pathology Laboratory is a reliable name in the sector as they strive to deliver the best customer experience. Customers can choose from a truly extensive choice of services from Apex Pathology Lab, including various diagnostic services, pathology, and blood testing services.


With a network of fully automated labs spread across India’s major cities and especially in Pune, Healthians is one of the industry’s most dependable players at the moment. Over the years, Healthians has developed a reputation as one of India’s most dependable and trustworthy pathology labs by consistently producing the most accurate reports.

Final thoughts

If you believe you need a health check because you are not feeling well, the physician will examine you for symptoms of various ailments and then ask for tests at a pathological unit. For accurate testing, you must pick the top pathology services in Pune.