Pathology Lab

Qualification required to open a Pathology Lab

Pathology lab help in identifying the cause of a certain disease. It conducts diagnostic tests and advises you on the most appropriate treatment based on the findings.

Numerous reasons, including unpredictable climate change, viral infections, the quality of food products, and incorrect lifestyles, might be responsible for the increase in various diseases. As a result, pathology laboratories have grown. In this blog, we shall learn who can manage a pathology lab and what qualifications are needed for one.

Qualifications required to open a pathology lab


You should have a pathology degree approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI). A “licence to practise” from the MCI is also required. A lab technician should have a diploma or bachelor’s degree in medical lab technology in order to set up a pathology lab.

Registration and certificates

Registration, certificate and NOC from various departments are also needed. You must register under the established clinical act to set your pathology lab. Acceptance of the laboratory test requires a certificate from the NABL. NOC from the fire and municipal agencies are also necessary for safety and garbage disposal.


Your lab should be appropriately planned in terms of its layout. To help patients understand where they need to go, it should be divided into sections based on the services you provide.

You will need to ensure that the required necessities are available, such as clean bathrooms, decent lighting, constantly sanitised rooms, wheelchairs for people with disabilities, and a reliable water supply.

Reagents and software

It can appear necessary because the standard requirements for the reagents could impact finances; as a result, we need the reagents to be more efficient at a lower cost. Software is necessary to print the results and, more crucially, to save the routine data that the laboratory gathers during testing.


A requirement for the pathology lab is to hire qualified staff. Every single member of the staff must meet the qualifications needed to set up a pathology laboratory. You will need employees with the same level of qualifications for all positions, including lab technicians, assistant pathologists, and microbiologists.

Marketing and branding

The fact of business is that a not visible company would not survive for very long. You must use creative marketing strategies to keep ahead of the competition, especially in the pathology lab industry, where there are typically dozens of pathology labs in each location.

The best marketing strategy today combines traditional marketing with digital marketing. Traditional marketing examples include roadshows, store branding, promotions at malls, shopping centres, residential communities, etc. Digital marketing is online platform promotion through social media, search engines, etc.


One of the main things to consider for your pathology lab in India is the investment. At different stages and for different goals, you require investment. Let’s examine expenses using the following points.

  • Cost of purchasing or renting space for the pathology lab.
  • There will be requirements for equipment, maintenance, and repair. It will require a significant infusion of cash.
  • Software is necessary for the lab for operation, results, etc. Finances are required to purchase or subscribe to it.
  • Utility costs include water, electricity, cooking gas, broadband, etc.

Final thoughts The knowledge provided in this blog will help you understand how to start a pathology lab. The rise in numerous disorders has made it imperative for people to undertake a variety of health examinations to know their overall health status. Hence, there is now more need for these pathology laboratories as they are essential and helpful in diagnosing numerous human disorders that influence our daily life.