Advanced Pathology-Radiology Lab & Diagnostic Centre Management Solution

DoraysLab is an all-in-one cloud-based healthcare diagnostics management software that has all features that pathology and radiology labs need to empower clinics, hospitals, and patients with a digital, collaborative, and connected experience.

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Advanced Pathology-Radiology Lab & Diagnostic Centre Management Solution

DoraysLab Features

From multi-location access and user-friendly navigation to real-time snapshots of lab orders and statuses to fully customizable reporting
DoraysLab Cloud-based Management Software comes packed with scaling features.

DoraysLab  Features

Patients Registration & Billing

Easy patient registration allows seamless bill management and electronic records of patients, dues, discounts, and payment history centrally. Add new lab cases to existing patient record, download reports in MS-Excel, and manage rates from a single page.

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Lab Report Management

Lab Report Management

Generate reports in PDF format with or without letterhead, print or deliver via email, SMS, and WhatsApp, , track and manage test report status, find reports easily through search options, and create test groups for efficiency.

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Customized Test Packages

Customized Test Packages

DoraysLab allows you to create multiple custom test packages based on medical requirements for easy billing and maximized patient comfort. Tests can also be grouped into various categories for structure and organization.

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Operations & Report Activity Tracking

Operations & Report Activity Tracking

DoraysLab allows tracking and reviewing patient and doctor information change, and other important activities and investigations, including adding and removing bills, reports, test status, and hospital information.

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User and Account Management

User and Account Management

Add more than one user access and configure permissions for each user to ensure accountability and lab data security. Provide separate permissions for lab incharge and receptionist,billin etc.

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Send Report Online

Send Report Online

Send reports via email, WhatsApp, and SMS, anytime, anywhere.

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Exclusive Customer Support

DoraysLab gives you the peace of mind of having a technical expert by your side all through the week. Our online support is here to assist you with feature update, set-up and configuration, and other technical enquiries.

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Exclusive Customer Support

How DoraysLab Simplifies and Scales Diagnostic Centre Business

As a cloud-based, web application, DoraysLab requires no download and no maintenance, and is responsive to all popular mobile devices. Apart from lab-management, it offers evidence-based data for business development.

Optimized and Clear Patient-Lab Communication, Enabling Better Results
  • In a few clicks, enter and edit booking details, home collection, payment information, and reports of patients.
  • Send reports via email, WhatsApp, and SMS, anytime, anywhere.
  • Consolidate patient case file and access patient data anytime, on any device.
  • Inform patients with auto-generated texts for Welcome, Sample collected, and Report ready.
Optimized and Clear Patient-Lab Communication, Enabling Better Results
Real-Time Access Helps You Stay Connected with Your Lab on the Go
Real-Time Access Helps You Stay Connected with Your Lab on the Go
  • You can use DoraysLab web application anywhere, anytime, allowing you to stay digitally connected with your lab staff, patients, and doctors.
  • Generate reports, status, and patient records in real-time.
  • Manage all activities of all locations via a centralized dashboard.
Automat-ion Reduces Redundant Activities & Improves Centre’s Efficiency by 43%
  • DoraysLab automates all important aspects of lab operations, enabling you to run a scalable, error-free, and quality business at reduced cost.
  • Having better control over activities reduces revenue leakages.
  • Automated and instant lab communication with patients, clinics, and doctors decreases turn-around time (TAT) by 43%.
Automat-ion Reduces Redundant Activities & Improves Centre’s Efficiency by 43%

Affordable and Convenient Packages

All Our Packages Include 15-day Free Trial, Onboarding and Set-up Guide.

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Sms costs 25p per Sms
  • Patient management and appointments
  • Sample Management
  • Single user login
  • 6 Months Old Reports Save
  • Laboratory reports management
  • User accounts and permission management
  • Sms service (India only)
  • Email service
  • WhatsApp integration
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Sms costs 25p per Sms
  • Starter plan plus
  • 3 User Login
  • Finance & Payments
  • Send Report from mail
  • Outsorce centre management
  • Test packages
  • Business analysis
  • Activity tracking
  • Data export
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Sms costs 25p per Sms
  • Basic plan plus
  • Rediology Reports
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DoraysLab – Web-Based Pathology Lab Management Software Application

Specialized in streamlining and automating all online and offline laboratory workflow and clinical reporting, the Dorays pathology lab software makes sure you can maximize your revenue, monitor operations, and deliver the best administration with heightened data security in your healthcare business. DoraysLab pathology software centralizes the whole database and different modules of diagnostic centers, pathology and radiology labs, hospitals, and clinics in a single interface. It reduces manual entries and clerical errors by automating report generation and making it real-time.

Next-Gen Pathology Lab Software

The Days pathology report software can be accessed on any web browser, across any device, at any time with a high-speed internet connection. Being a web-based application, installation and configuration are seamless and simple. Regardless of the size of your diagnostic center/ lab, Dorays Lab Management Software can scale up and down and is more than efficient in improving patient experience and reducing TAT.

Benefits of DoraysLab Pathology Software

  • Manage workflow with centralized communication, automated billing, and more.
  • Access and download ‘print-ready’ files in MS Excel.
  • Generate reports with company letterhead.
  • Share reports online via Email, Text, or WhatsApp.
  • Easy ‘search and find reports’ option.
  • Affordable packages for companies of all sizes.
  • Customize test packages based on medical requirements.
  • Consolidate case files for easy access.
  • Manage multiple locations-multiple branches via a centralized dashboard.
  • Stay connected with patients with Automated SMS.
  • Add doctor details and give access to multiple users.
Benefits of DoraysLab Pathology Software

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Since DoraysLab is a web-based application, it runs on a web browser. All you will need is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge with a reliable internet connection. However, for uninterrupted and faster processing, we recommend using Windows 7 and above versions.

While we are sure that our application will fulfill all your center’s purposes, we can tailor it to accommodate your lab needs at an additional cost. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you find a missing feature or a scope for improvement.

You can switch between Starter, Basic, and Standard anytime with prior notice. The billing will be commenced based on the new plan from the following month.

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. In addition, we will refund you the money based on the number of days the product has been used or not used by you.